Graham Gallagher is a Ph.D Student in Political Science with a focus on comparative politics and political theory at the University of Florida. His research addresses issues of contentious politics and political mobilization, with foci on moral economy, agrarian and peasant politics, Southeast Asian politics, state formation, and political anthropology. He has lectured and consulted on democratization in Malaysia and Indonesia, and on political history. His current work focuses on ideological structures rebellions and new informal institutions in post-industrial societies, contemporary rural mobilization, and the interaction between civil society and emerging political movements.

Graham Lecture

Mr. Gallagher has a Masters Degree in political science with a focus on comparative politics from American University, and a Bachelors Degree in the Liberal Arts with an emphasis in philosophy, natural science, Ancient Greek, classical literature, and history from St. John’s College. Forthcoming works include “Revisiting the Mechanisms of the Troubles: Moral Economy and the Conflict in Northern Ireland” coauthored with Robert Mermer, “The New Peasant: Moral Economy and Ideology in Post-Industrial States”, “The Future of ConsultativeĀ Authoritarianism: Singaporean and Chinese Civil Society and Governmental Relations” and “Silence for Silence’s Sake: The Sedition Act and Opposition Groups in Malaysia”.

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